Okura galley


Mom's taste

we offer you a Japanese home-made lunch & sweets.

all our menu are made from local vegetables and organic ingredients as well.

you may love it that like Japanese mom's taste. There is  available an  English menu and we welcome foreign visitors as a global friends. 


Today's special

please choose main dish / meat or fish


spaghetti of Japanese basil 

use home-made Japanese basil it may offer vegan or vegetarian 


Japanese curry 

not spicy, and use soy-beans for our curry with salad 


omelette rice

an omelette with filling of ketchup-seasoned fried rice.


seasonal sweets

if you order our lunch menu you can have discount. (just add 350 yen)

sweets set 770yen    including a coffee or tea


Rent space

the second floor is a rent space. there is a plenty space for your private exhibitions or meeting room, and music live as well.

we offer you a specific musical instrument as a Piano and audio amp etc.... please ask us!

be attention! 

                    over 4 guests need a booking for your seats please call us or email abobe

                                                      opening from Tuesday to Saturday

                                                      working hours 11:00 to 17:00 ( last order 16:30) 


#412-0021 Shizuoka prefecture Gotenmba Nimaibashi 22